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About us Wir über uns

Wir über uns

THANK YOU for visiting this Brillstein and Cobra Services LC web site!

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What started out as a media company producing training videos and a security-related PC and online game,  today has grown into a security service and training company and a spiritual, physical and mental health-related counselling services, also known as life coaching. This web site you are now visiting is focused

Our founding and leading team – headed by Yossie Blumberg and Mike Engel-Malak – individually have been in professional and international security for over 30 years. They operated together successfully for already over 20 years. Brillstein and Cobra ServicesLC – as the present-day company – has been incorporated in Wyoming, USA.

There are these main categories of services we offer

  1. Spiritual counsel
  2. Fitness counsel
  3. Health coaching
  4. psychological therapy

If you wish further information on any particular project or service or wish to contact us in any matter related to our services, cooperation, questions, etc. please do so at any time by use of our contact form (link below).  Please see a full list of our departments, services and links the pertinent web site here

If you wish to contact us, please visit this page with our contact form