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Wir – Brillstein and Cobra Services LC – bieten eine Palette diverser Services und Produkte an. Teilweise erfolgt dies in Kooperation mit Partnern aus dem Coaching-Bereichen u.a. Wenn Sie an einer Zusammenarbeit interessiert sind, so wenden Sie sich gern jederzeit an uns – wir freuen uns auf Ihre Anfrage!

If you don’t find precisely what you’re looking for, please contact us at any time with your queries.

Main Web Site of  Brillstein and Cobra Services LC

Cobra International Security Service Web Site – investigations, security services

Security, Safety and Self-Defense Training Courses – MyCademy24

BUSINESS SERVICES – do business in France, Outsourcing

Survival and Close Combat Training:

Survival Group Europe Extreme Survival Training

CATS tactical defense concept – tactical close combat for personal security and street defense

TSEVAH SHEL ECHAD – Israeli close combat for tactical purposes for military, law enforcement and security


VIOLENT NOMAD – cage fights and tactical combat competitions

BUCKLER BAG – stab/slash resistant shoulder bag/shield  and training

ATS CITY SURVIVAL ONLINE SHOP – sale of training courses and equipment

Media, Online and TV projects and leisure projects:

VIOLENT NOMAD – Reality TV Show – 12 candidates will try to survive extreme situations

SHADOW FIGHT „The Conspiracy“ – The Online/PC game

COBRA Adventure Travels – possibly your most exciting adventure trip ever…

SPY TRAINING – Crime Scene Investigator or James Bond For 1 Weekend? 

JOIN US ON FACEBOOK – these are our pages:

  1. Brillstein and Cobra Services LC
  2. Safe House Protection Services
  4. CATS tactical defense concept
  6. Safety Coach Europe
  7. Body & Soul Reboot  – Power Of Visualization
  8. MARA – Martial Arts Research Academy
  10. Tsevah Shel Echad
  11. Hostile Environment Training
  12. Spy Training
  13. James Bond Adventure Travel
  14. Business In France – Outsourcing
  15. MyCademy24
  16. SHADOW FIGHT – Online/PC Game
  17. ATS City Survival  – personal safety and self-defense
  18. Con quỷ nhỏ – weapons for self-defense

If you don’t find precisely what you’re looking for, please contact us any time with your queries.